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急速赛车开奖结果:Last year, the overall public offering of 558.5 billion yuan

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内容摘要: With the disclosure of the fund's 2017 annual report ending, the profitability of the fund of thefund companyhas surfaced. Data show that a...

With the disclosure of the fund's 2017 annual report ending, the profitability of the fund of the fund company has surfaced. Data show that as of the end of last year, the public fund company's overall fund profit 558.562 billion yuan, of which, hybrid funds and equity funds total contribution of 273.633 billion yuan, accounting for the overall profit of the fund "half the country."

From the point of view of the fund company, the funds of the top ten fund companies all last year exceeded RMB 15 billion, and the Tianhong Fund topped the list with a profit of RMB 57.1 billion.


partial basic stock largest contribution of gold profits

Last year's “two-eight-divided” market sentiment, the public fund as a whole handed in a bright answer sheet. According to statistical data from the state's investment statistics, in 2017, the total income of the funds of public fund companies was 558.562 billion yuan, which was a substantial increase from 2016 (loss of 174.836 billion yuan). Specifically, hybrid funds and equity funds earned a profit of 194.621 billion yuan and 79.012 billion yuan respectively, and the total profit was the largest among all types of fund products.

It is worth mentioning that, under the condition that the size of the heavyweight Monetary Fund was limited, the IMF still contributed 212.151 billion yuan in profits last year. Among them, the Tianhong Yuqian Monetary Fund ranked first with a profit of 52,396 million yuan. The ICBC Currency and CCB Cash Tim Lee A ranked second and third respectively with RMB 6.796 billion and RMB 5.036 billion.

In 2017, although the overall performance of the bond market was sluggish, the bond fund still made a huge profit of RMB 41.921 billion, which was a significant increase from the RMB 4.552 billion in 2016. In addition, QDII, capital preservation type and commodity funds earned RMB 15.617 billion, RMB 7.654 billion, and RMB 957 million, respectively. The FOF Fund that disclosed its full-year profitability for the first time also received positive gains. The net profit for 2017 was 31 million yuan.

The profits of the top ten companies all exceeded RMB 15 billion.

In 2017, for many fund companies, it was also a “bumpy year”. Thanks to the emergence of more than "explosive models," public funds have earned "full coverage." According to statistics from Tianxiang, the fund companies ranked in the top ten last year have annual profit of more than 15 billion yuan.

Relying on the contribution of Yu Bao, Tianhong Fund ranked first among all fund companies with an annual profit of RMB 57.1 billion. After its last earnings scale of the top ten fund companies also easy Fonda, China, Castrol, ICBC Credit Suisse, China Southern, China Universal, Shanghai Orient Securities information management, GF Fund and CCB .

in Among the top ten fund companies, Shanghai Orient Securities Capital management relied on the dazzling performance of its Dongfanghong series fund last year. Its profit rankings have increased significantly and it has become the “dark horse” in 2017. The data shows that Dongfeng Ruihua, Dongfang Hong Ruifeng and Dongfang Hong Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shenzhen respectively earned 4.373 billion yuan, 2.122 billion yuan and 2.101 billion yuan in profits last year.

The sharp increase in profitability last year also included the successful deployment of the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Fund and the excellent performance of the partial stock fund. In this regard, there were 51 Funds in Harvest Fund's profits of more than 100 million yuan in 2017, which provided a new opportunity for Harvest. Harvest 300ETF, Castrol 300 and other funds have more than 1 billion yuan in profits.

blue-chip fund

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-03-30





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